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TKPH Plugin Video Tutorial

VBOX Installation

  • Fit VBOX to haul truck and gather data over several shifts

  • Retrieve .vbo data from VBOX



VBOX File Processor

· Downsample 


  • Downsample relevant .vbo files to 1 Hz for long-term TKPH datasets
  • Drag plugin icon and load multiple files for bulk downsampling

  • Check configuration settings and process output files

· VBO Append


  • After Downsampling join .vbo files together using VBO Append
  • Drag plugin icon and load multiple files for bulk appending
  • Check configuration settings and process output file


VBOX Test Suite - TKPH Plugin

  • Ensure the USB dongle is plugged in when running the software
  • Load appended .vbo file
· Add Test


  • Click on Add to unlock the Mining test category


· Check Map Regions


  • Define load/dump regions on map
  • This identifies cycles and circuits
  • Software detects if the vehicle is loaded/empty
· Select Vehicle


  • Import specifications for common mining vehicles from our library
· Select Tyres


  • Select tyre specifications from our library
· Generate Report


  • Save TKPH results as a report
· Save Settings


  • Choose a name and location to store the file
  • Access or share your settings file later
· Load Settings


  • Navigate to your settings file and open it
  • Your settings file will load your test layout
  • Load your VBOX file and adjust settings if needed


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