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02 - VIPS Hardware Installation

Beacon (VIPS-B-V1) Installation

When first considering a VIPS installation or demonstration, it is important to understand the shape and size of the test area and thus the minimum number of beacons that will be required.

VIPS will need at least 6 beacons in view at any one time to compute a solution. For a simple installation, Racelogic recommend placing the beacons in a ‘Square’ formation with spacing between the beacons of around 25–30 m, as below.

VIPS Beacon Layout.png

If operating in an outdoor/indoor mode, then the rover will not switch to use the VBOX IPS until 6 beacons are in view. This means that it is only the first 6 beacons that will need to be placed closer together to ensure that 6 beacons are in view before the vehicle enters the test area. The remaining beacons can be placed with a greater separation so long as the vehicle is always within a 60 m radius of at least 6 beacons.

For greater accuracy, it is recommended that the beacons are placed between 3 – 5 m above ground (i.e. above the roof of the test vehicle) and that each beacon varies in height by at least 300 mm to the nearest beacons, alternating in a high-low pattern.


When mounting the VIPS beacons, there are a couple of considerations that need to be made. It is important when mounting the beacons that they are not mounted within at least 200 mm (or greater if possible) of an object, other than the surface the beacon is mounted to, that could cause reflections (e.g. a wall or metal structure) and that the beacons are mounted in the correct orientation in relation to the expected orientation of the Rover when in use.

The beacons require a 9 – 36 V power source that is connected to the 2 way Lemo connector. The other Lemo connector on the beacon is for Firmware upgrades and should be covered with the supplied splashproof plug to ensure waterproofness.

The VIPS beacons have 4 magnets on the base allowing for easy installation onto any ferrous surface, however Racelogic can supply metallic plates that can attach to a tripod for quick installations.

Suitable Beacon Orientations

VIPS Orientation1.png Side by side
VIPS Orientation2.png Side by side with small height difference
VIPS Orientation3.png Side by side with large height difference, tops towards each other
VIPS Orientation4.png Side by side with large height difference
VIPS Orientation5.png Tops together
VIPS Orientation6.png Tops to base
VIPS Orientation7.png Base to base
VIPS Orientation8.png Side to base
VIPS Orientation9.png Side by side with large height difference, tops away from each other

Rover (VIPS-R-V2) Installation

The VIPS Rover looks similar to the Beacon, however the rover contains an internal IMU and so care should be taken to ensure that the Rover is mounted on a section of the roof that has the least vibration. This is usually towards the rear of the vehicle, just in front of the rear windshield. The rover should also be mounted in a way such that it has a clear view to the beacons and away from any objects that may block that view (Roof bars, radio antennas etc).

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