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05 - VIPS Site Configuration Upload

Once the site configuration has been entered correctly, the Upload VIPS Site Config Upload Icon.png menu can be used to upload the information to the Rover or the Beacons. Whether the information is uploaded to the Rover or the Beacons is dependent on a number of factors, outlined below:

Upload to Rover:

  • If the Site Identifier is 0 (i.e. the installation is temporary or is the only VIPS operating within the location).
  • If the radio settings for the site are not using the default preamble code (18).

Upload to Beacons:

  • If the Site Identifier is not 0.
  • If it is a new beacon.
  • If the Friendly ID for that physical beacon has changed.
  • If the radio settings have changed.

To upload, connect the supplied RLCAB151-L serial configuration cable from the PC to the Configuration Port of the unit. Select the correct COM port from the drop down list of available COM ports. If the required COM port is not displayed, pressing the Refresh button will refresh the COM port list.

VIPS Site Config Upload To Beacon.png

Once a COM port is selected, the configuration can be uploaded to the unit by pressing the Upload button. The software will then inform you whether the upload has been successful or not. The software includes an auto time out function after 10 seconds, whereby, if the software does not get a response from the unit, the upload will be aborted.

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