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LabSat3 Replacement parts and optional accessories

LabSat 3 Standard Inventory


Description Part Number
LabSat 3 unit  
LabSat 3 carry case  RLACS197
LabSat scenario 1TB hard disk drive  LS03HDD-1TB
VBOX mains adapter RLVBACS020
USB3.0 SD Card reader RLACS204
2 way Lemo to 12V cigar lighter lead – 2M RLCAB010L
GNSS quad constellation magnetic mount antenna  RLACS198
SMA-SMA cable – 1M RLCAB071-1
SMA plug to MCX plug cable – 1M RLCAB082-1
SMA plug to MMCX plug cable – 1M RLCAB083-1
SMA plug to TNC plug cable – 1M RLCAB084-1
LabSat 3 battery  RLACS201
LabSat 3 expansion connector adapter  RLACS202
LabSat 3 cable identification sheet  LS03-CABIDEN

Optional accessories


Description Part Number
SDHC extreme memory card  - 32GB LS03SDCARD
SDHC extreme memory card  - 64GB RLACS210
SDHC extreme memory card  - 128GB RLACS211
Active GPS antenna (Recording only) RLACS205
Passive GPS/GLONASS antenna RLACS206
USB3.0 dual slot card reader RLACS204
1TB scenario hard drive (HDD) LS03HDD-1TB
Battery charger  RLACS200
LabSat 3 battery  RLACS201

Please contact your local distributor or Racelogic for pricing and availability.

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