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09 - LabSat3 Digital Channels

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There are 1 or 2 channels available for external digital data capture depending on the system variant and the options that have been purchased with the LabSat.  Recorded digital channel data is synchronized to each sample of recorded RF data; the maximum input frequency for each channel is 1MHz. To record 2 digital channels, at least 2 RF channels must be selected or 1 single channel with 2-bit quantisation. 


The Digital menu allows CH1 or CH2 (subject to LabSat variant) to be configured to record any of the following parameters:-


Function Description Option or Standard
1PPS This is the 1 Pulse Per Second output from the internal GNSS monitor and will become active once the internal GNSS monitor has a position fix.  Note, that if using battery power with the power save option enabled, the GNSS monitor will power-down after approx 30 seconds into the recording and therefore not be present in the recorded data.  During replay, the recorded 1PPS signal will be output on pin 2 (DIGO) of the expansion connector. Standard
CAN CAN 1 and CAN 2 on the expansion connector (RLACS202) will be recorded on channel 1 & 2 of the LabSat 3.  See section CAN BUS for more details. Option on Single constellation variant*
RS232 This will record an RS232 level signal input on pin 18 of the expansion connector.  During replay, pin 17 of the expansion connector will output the recorded data at RS232 level.  Because the RS232 signal is digitized directly, it is not necessary to configure baud rate.  Option on Single constellation variant*
DIGI Will record the digital state of pin 3 of the expansion connector.  During replay, the signal will be re-created on pin 2 (DIGO) of the expansion connector.  See section EXPANSION CONNECTOR for more details. Option on Single constellation variant*

*Contact Racelogic or your LabSat distributor to purchase upgrade options

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