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06 - LabSat3 HDD File Layout

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Below is a guide to how the folder layout works on LabSat 3. This example below shows the folder layout on the HDD provided with LabSat 3. The LabSat USB HDD is uses multiple folders. When folders are detected LabSat will display them in a similar fashion to a PC using the DIR indicator.


When USB media is connected LabSat 3 will scan for files and display the files/folders containing the .ls3 format. When recording to USB HDD LabSat will save scenario files to the first folder in the directory.




<DIR> indicates a folder and not a scenario. Pressing ‘OK’ will navigate to the next stage of the scenario directory.




Continue to navigate using ‘OK’ until <DIR> is no longer shown, this indicates the file is a scenario not a directory.




Pressing play will start the individual scenario replay.

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