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03 - Remote Control Connecting to LabSat 3

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LabSat 3 is connected to the network using a standard Ethernet cable plugged into the RJ45 ‘Ethernet’ connector on the rear panel. LabSat 3 can operate with a fixed IP address or using the DHCP protocol where an IP address is automatically obtained from a network server. Contact your network administrator for advice on which is best for your application.


Network configuration options are accessed via the menu under SETUP.



  • LAN
    • DHCP – Tick to select/deselect (When deselected manual options below are available)
    • IP Address – Allows IP Address to be set manually
    • SUBNET MASK – Allows SUBNET MASK to be set manually
    • DEFAULT GATEWAY- Allows DEFAULT GATEWAY to be set manually


After changing any network settings, it is necessary to power-cycle the LabSat 3 to re-connect to the network.


To check connection to LabSat 3 over your network, use the ‘ping’ command from windows command prompt along with labsatv3_xxyyzz  where  xxyyzz is the serial number including any leading zeroes.


An example is shown below including the successful response from the LabSat 3.




If you have a fixed IP address or know the DHCP assigned IP address, it is also possible to ping the IP address directly, for example -   PING

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