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21 - LabSat 2 PIN OUTS

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Front View of LabSat 2




Connector 1 POWER  (Lemo 2 PIN)
PIN I/O Function Range
1 I Power+ 5.4V to 30V
2 I Ground 0V






Connector 2 AUX  (Lemo 5 PIN)
PIN I/O Function Range
1 O Module Direction Control ±12v
2 I Reserved ±12v
3 I Digital Input 1 (DIG IN) 0V to 5V
4 O Digital Output 1 0V to 5V
5 O +V Power Same as Power+







SMA connectors: RF OUT, RF IN and CLOCK IN
PIN Name Function Range
Center RF IN

RF Signal including 

3v DC bias for active antenna
RF OUT RF Signal Output DC Blocked   
CLOCK IN 10MHz Reference clock. Must be enabled in LabSat software 10.000MHz +6dB
Chassis - Ground  


26 way D type connector





The functionality available from the 26 Way D-Type connector on the front panel of LabSat 2, is described in the table below.


Number Name I/O Function
1 DIO 0 O 1-PPS (From Internal GPS when locked to rec/play signal)
2 DIO 1 O Rec/Play (Rec=1,Play=0)
3 DIO 2 I Pause. Ground to Pause Rec/Rep 
4 DIO 3 I Extended Digital Input 1 (Replaces Second RF Channel) 
5 DIO 4 I

Extended Digital Input 2 (Replaces Second RF Channel)

6 DIO 5 O

Extended Digital Output 1 (Replaces Second RF Channel)

7 DIO 6 O Extended Digital Output 2 (Replaces Second RF Channel) 
8 DIO 7 O

16.368MHz Clock Signal (Direct from Osc)

9 DIO 8 O 16.368MHz Reference signal output (must be enabled in software)
10 ~ 18 GND   Signal Ground
19 DIO 9 O Reserved for factory test
20 DIO 10 O

Record/Replay activity output. 0=Inactive / 1=Recording Active

21 DIO 11 O Trigger Output (Recorded Trigger Output during replay or pass-through of Trig In during record) 
22 Update I Connect to pin 14(GND) to Enable firmware update mode on power-on
23 - - Not used
24 - - Not used
25 V_PWR O Connected to PWR input (max 200mA)
26 GND O  


The Digital I/O connector uses 3.3Volt logic levels. Connection of any of the IO signals to levels above 3.3 Volts will cause permanent damage to the internal logic. 

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