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06 - LabSat 2 Connecting USB

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  • Connect the USB A to B cable between the LabSat 2 and the computer. If you intend to use the GNSS monitor connect the Mini USB as well.
  • The computer should now recognise the presence of a new USB device; after a short period of time a ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’ window will appear.

    Click Next to continue the installation.
  • Click ‘next’, with the option ‘Install the software automatically (Recommended)’ Selected. (See image right)
  • At the last window click ‘Finish’ to complete the installation.
  • This process will then repeat a second time beginning with step 2.


Now connect the LabSat 2 to its power supply.  Your computer should now recognise the unit, and the USB connections will be recognised by the LabSat Setup software when started. Double-click the LabSat software icon to start the software


See the Troubleshooting section if the installation process fails at any stage.



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