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17 - LabSat Inventory and optional extras

Standard equipment

Part Number Description
LS01 LabSat Main Unit
LSHDD01 LabSat Scenario Hard Disk Drive 500GB USB Drive 
RLVBACS020 Mains Power Supply
RLCAB042 USB ‘A’ to USB ‘B’ Lead - 2M
RLCAB066-2 USB ‘A’ to USB Mini ‘B’ Lead - 2M 
RLCAB010L Power Cable - 2 Way LEMO to vehicle 12V socket
RLACS001 GNSS Magnetic Mount Active Antenna (not applicable to replay-only LabSat 2)
RLACS154 LabSat Carry Case
RLCAB071-1 RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to SMA Plug) Cable
RLCAB082-1 RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to MCX Plug) Cable
RLCAB083-1 RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to MMCX Plug) Cable
RLCAB084-1 RG174 - 1M (SMA Plug to TNC Plug) Cable
CDRLLS2 LabSat Software CD
RLLSCAL Calibration Certificate

Optional equipment

Part Number Description
RLLSIM01 Interface Module for CAN Bus Input / Output
RLLSIM02 Interface Module for RS-232 Input / Output
RLLSIM03 Interface Module for RS-422 or RS-485 Input / Output
RLLSIM04 Dual CAN Bus Interface Module
RLLSSGSW02 SatGen v2 Software - GPS only scenario creation software.   (Please contact your LabSat distributor or Racelogic for details)
RLLSSGSWG SatGen Software – GPS / GLONASS scenario creation software.  (Please contact your LabSat distributor or Racelogic for details)
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