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Video VBOX Unit Types

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Video VBOX unit types can be checked by plugging the unit into a PC via its supplied USB cable, and selecting Help>About within Video VBOX Setup software. Here, both the description and unit type of the connected unit will be displayed. 


Description      Unit Type CAN channels
2 camera 0x31 32
2 camera watermark 0x45 1
2 camera non-VCI 0x46 1
2 camera watermark VCI 0x4C 32
4 camera 0x4F 32
4 camera non-VCI 0x50 1
4 camera VCI 8 0x59 8
Lite 0x4B 1
Lite 2 CAN 0x51 2
Lite 4 CAN 0x52 4
Lite 8 CAN 0x58 8
Waterproof VCI 8 0x5A 8
Waterproof VCI 32 0x5B 32
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