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Video VBOX - Technical Audio Details

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For applications in which in depth analysis is happening on the audio data, we would recommend considering a slightly different microphone than the ones supplied as standard. A condenser microphone that will run off 3V and has a windshield may be something to look into. Maybe something like this: http://cpc.farnell.com/_/npa415-omni/plug-in-microphone/dp/MP33865?Ntt=MP33865

Depending on the application, an extension lead may be required.


The frequency response is relatively flat across the audio range from 100Hz to 12KHz, and is sampled at 48KHz. Any issues experienced with low frequencies are most likely due to the automatic gain control (ALC) function of the Video VBOX. With the ALC sensitivity disabled and the gain set at a finite level across the audio spectrum, low frequency signals will be more easily detected on playback.

Note: For a high noise environment, the audio gain needs to be lower.


It is possible to disable this function in the Video VBOX Setup software – shown below. 


We would also advise using our RLACS139FJ cable. This is a purpose designed line input adaptor cable. It contains a DC blocking capacitor to block the DC voltage output by the Video VBOX on its audio input line.


Note: Video VBOX audio input cannot accept an audio signal greater than 1V RMS.

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