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RACELOGIC Support Centre

How to Connect Intercom Systems to VBOX Video HD2

It is possible to connect an intercom system to VBOX Video HD2 in order to record the audio in conjunction with video. This is particularly useful in Rallying applications.

Required equipment:


  1. Connect RLCAB132 white female connector to the Intercom System.


  1. Connect RLCAB132 4-way lemo connector to VBOX Video HD2 via the ‘MIC’ input.


  1. Connect to computer.
  2. Open VBOX Video Setup software.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ and click on ‘General’.
  4. Within ‘Audio’, ensure that the ‘Mono’ channel is selected.
  5. Turn ALC sensitivity 'Off (fixed gain)' and tick ‘Line Level Left’.
  6. Adjust the dB level in ‘Gain’ by trial and error in order to get the best sound quality.
  7. If the sound is not great or not working, use the red female connector, tick within the software ‘Line Level Right’ and again test with the different gains to get the best sound.