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Connecting MoTeC devices to VBOX Video HD2



CAN data transmitted from MoTeC devices listed below can be received by VBOX Video HD2 and used for producing full colour HD graphics that are overlaid onto the video in real-time, making your videos more exciting and informative.


  • MoTeC Data Loggers: C125, C127, C1212, C185, C187, C1812, CDL3, SDL, SDL3, ADL, ADL2, ADL3 and ACL.
  • MoTeC M1 Series ECUs (dependent on package).
  • MoTeC 'Hundred Series' and M84 ECUs.

VBOX Video HD2 Setup

In order to capture CAN data from a MoTeC device, the HD2 System must have:

  1. Firmware version 1.3 or later.
  2. The correct scene file loaded from VBOX Video HD2 Setup on the PC.
  3. Only one MoTeC device needs to be correctly setup to transmit the CAN messages.
  4. A successful hardware connection between the VBOX Video HD2 and the MoTeC device ensuring that they are on the same CAN bus and Baud Rate.

There are 2 scenes available in HD2 Setup software, called 'Scene 7 MoTeC Blank' and 'Scene 8 MoTeC KMH'. These scenes already have the MoTeC CAN protocol to receive the data and the CAN Baud Rate is set to 1 Mbit/s, which matches the Default Baud Rate of MoTeC devices with no send acknowledge messages to avoid unwanted data being placed onto the CAN bus.

Once you are satisfied with the scene, it can be saved to an SD card using the ‘Save to SD’ button. Instructions on how to complete the upload to the HD2 Unit can be found here.

MoTeC Dash Logger Setup

In the latest version of MoTeC Dash Manager Software, a CAN Communications template called 'v2_transmit_0x01F_version1' is available. If you don’t have a copy of this template in your version of Dash Manager, please contact your MoTeC dealer.

Add the 'v2_transmit_0x01F_version1' into the appropriate CAN bus on your Dash Manager configuration.  Ensure that all channels being sent are generated. If a channel is not being generated in your configuration, set the channel as a constant as shown in the example below then send the configuration to your Dash.

MoTeC M1 Series ECU Setup

The method described here is based on Version 1.4 M1 Tune software. Ensure that the package you are using is compatible with a VCS.

  1. Open MoTeC M1 Tune and open a Package.
  2. Click the 'All Calibrate' Worksheet.
  3. Search for 'VCS' as shown below.

  4. Click on the dropdown menu for VCS Mode and set to 'Enabled'.
  5. Click on the dropdown menu for VCS CAN Bus and set this to the CAN Bus that is connecting the M1 ECU to the VBOX Video HD2.

MoTeC 'Hundred Series' ECU Setup

The method described here is based on Version 3 ECU Manager software. Configuration in Version 2 ECU Manager software will be very similar.

  1. Open MoTeC ECU Manager and open a file.
  2. On the Adjust menu, click 'General Setup'.
  3. Click 'Communications' and then click 'Setup Custom Data Sets'.
  4. Click the 'Custom Set 2' tab.
  5. Click 'Add' to add the following channels (in this order):

    a. Ground Speed

    b. Engine RPM

    c. Gear

    d. Throttle Position

    e. Brake Pressure or G Force Longitude

    Note: Use G Force Longitude only if Brake Pressure is not available in the ECU. If any of these channels are not available in the ECU, they will not be displayed on the video overlay.

  6. Click 'OK'.
  7. On CAN Setup, select 'CAN 0 Data' and enter '10 (Custom Data Set 2 Compound Tx)'.
    Note: If CAN 0 is already in use, then complete the set up on CAN 1.

  8. Select 'CAN 0 Address' and enter '31'.

  9. Select 'CAN 0 Transfer Rate' and enter '100'.

MoTeC M84 ECU Setup

The method described here is based on M84 Version 1.2 ECU Manager software.

  1. Open MoTeC ECU Manager and open a file.
  2. On the Adjust menu, click 'General Setup'.
  3. Click 'Communications' and then click 'CAN Setup'.
  4. Select 'VCS/PDM CAN Address' and enter '31'.