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19 - VBOX HD Upgrading firmware and software

Upgrading VBOX HD Firmware

Occasionally Racelogic will release new versions of firmware (internal code) for the VBOX HD, often to introduce new features. New firmware is loaded into the VBOX HD using an SD card.

Download the latest ‘.vidup’ file here.

How do you run the update?

  • Download the upgrade file from the link above.
  • Place the .VIDUP file on the root directory of an SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
  • Power up the VBOX HD unit.
  • Load the SD card into the front panel.
  • The VBOX HD will double beep when the upgrade is complete.
  • Turn the unit off and on again to complete the upgrade.

Upgrading the OLED display

If you are using an OLED display, this should also be upgraded after new VBOX HD firmware is loaded.

Click here for information on how to upgrade your display.


Upgrading VBOX HD Software

The latest VBOX HD Setup Software can be downloaded here.

You will be asked to specify where to save the installer; you should select your desktop.

Allow the installer to download.

If you open this ZIP file, and select ‘extract all files’ from the top left corner of the window, you can then save this to your desktop.

Now open this ‘unzipped’ folder, and click on the ‘setup.exe’ icon. This will then run through the installer – you will have to click ‘next’ a couple of times and agree to some terms and conditions.

Circuit Tools

For information on upgrading Circuit Tools software, click here.

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