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03 - VBOX Sim Configuration

The following options are configurable from the simulator software application 'VBOX Sim'.

The top area of the software displays the current status of a supported game/simulator, including the name of the track the vehicle is currently on and the data rate of the telemetry being transmitted.


The Output Directory is the location in which the video and data files are saved to your computer. This can be changed using the 'Browse' button.

VBOX Sim LogDirectory.png


Video Capture

This area contains video capture options including configuring built in or external video capture devices. Pressing the refresh button will update the list of available capture compatible screens and supported capture devices.

PC Based

Ticking 'PC Based' will enable the VBOX Sim’s built in screen capture function. Be aware, using this method will require a lot more resources from the CPU.

If there are multiple screens, please ensure to select the centre screen from the Screen drop down menu.

Quality settings are available for video capture. If your computer is struggling for performance, try using a lower quality setting. It is also possible to change the resolution of the recorded video by using the dropdown menu.

VBOX Sim ScreenCapture.png


External Device

Ticking 'External Device' will enable the VBOX Sim software to use an external video capture card. If there are multiple supported devices, these will appear in a drop down menu. Guidance on using an external video capture card, such as the AverMedia LGP Lite can be found here.

VBOX Sim VideoCaptureDevice.png


No Video

Ticking 'No video' will disable video capture.

VBOX Sim NoVideo.png


Video Offset

Factors such as computer performance may have an effect on the synchronisation of data and video, therefore an offset in milliseconds can be applied if required. Simply type in the required value or use the up and down arrows.

VBOX Sim VideoAlignment.png


Test Video

Use the test video button to check that the video capture is working correctly. Pressing the 'Start' button once will record a 5 second sample video to the output directory. Once recorded, the recorded video file will automatically in order to help you determine whether the video settings are correct.

VBOX Sim TestVideo.png



COM Port

If you are intending to use a VBOX LapTimer and have connected it to your computer as per instructions here. The computer should assign a specific COM port to the unit. This COM port will need to be selected from the drop-down menu, shown below. Once it has been selected, click ‘Open'.

Note: If you are using VBOX Sim software supplied with the VBOX Sim Pack, these options will appear first within the software.

VBOX Sim COM Port.png


Auto Start Line

The Auto start line option is selected by default and automatically detects the start/finish location from the game. Once the VBOX Sim software has completed the start/finish detection process, the start/finish location is then transmitted to VBOX LapTimer for predictive laptiming.

VBOX Sim Auto Start Line.png

Please note, the start finish detection process can take up to 3 laps to complete.



The Help tab provides information related to supported games, links to Circuit Tools Software and the user guide, as well as allowing you to view the diagnostic log file if there is an issue with the software. You can also view copyright and licensing information, control the game detection and delete/ use iRacing telemetry.

VBOX Sim Help Tab.png

Game Select

This area allows you to manually select the game you are running, however it is recommended to keep the default 'Auto Detect' option selected.

VBOX Sim Help Tab Game Select.png

iRacing Telemetry

It is possible to delete old iRacing files to prevent the iRacing telemetry folder using a large amount of storage from data logging. When enabled, any files within the C:\Users\Username\Documents\iRacing\telemetry folder that are more than 7 days old will deleted.

When iRacing is detected, the 'Use iRacing telemetry' checkbox will be automatically ticked, meaning that after the session, the .vbo data file is edited to correct the position received from the game to the real world location. This ensures that the correct racing positioning information is obtained.

VBOX Sim Help Tab iRacing.png

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