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03 - Circuit Tools Screen Layouts

The main analysis screen can be used in a number of different layouts, the default layout (F4) is shown below.

Other layouts such as Full Screen Video (F5) can be quickly accessed using the Function keys or the Screen Layout options within the Home Ribbon menu.

If you hover the mouse over any buttons, a text box showing helpful hints will appear giving more explanation about the function of that button.


CTW Sceen Layout.png
Default Layout (F4)

Resizing the layout

To change the size of the different windows, click and drag the blue borders surrounding the windows.

CTW Sceen Resize.png

If you have moved the windows around, you can always Double Click the Screen Layout buttons to restore them to the default page layout.

CTW Double Click Sceen.png
Double Click to restore layout

Screen Layouts and Hotkeys

CTW F4.pngDefault (F4)

CTW F5.pngVideo (F5)

CTW F6.pngGraphData (F6)

CTW F7.pngTrackVid (F7)

CTW F8.pngVidGraph (F8)

CTW F9.pngGraph (F9)

CTW F10.pngSession (F10)

CTW F11.png Track (F11)

CTW F12.pngViewAll (F12)