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08 - VBOX Sport Troubleshooting

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Symptom Possible cause Solution
Bluetooth connection Problems

Cannot establish Bluetooth link

VBOX Sport trying to connect to a previously paired device

Clear VBOX Sport pairings by holding both buttons down for 2s then use the iOS function ‘Forget device

Satellite reception problems

No satellite reception

(internal antenna)

Unit has poor view of sky Place the unit low down with clear view of the sky (no obstructions or masking from objects, e.g. A-pillar)
‘Athermic’ type windscreen in test vehicle Use an external antenna
Unit not used for a long period GPS engine cold start 

No satellite reception

(external antenna)

Unit has poor view of sky See guidance on GPS quality
No ground plane

Make sure external antenna is mounted on a metal plate or tin foil

(minimum 10cm in diameter)

Bad antenna connection Check the condition of the GPS antenna cable.  Check the antenna connector for obstructing debris
Unit not used for a long period GPS engine cold start 
Logging problems

Media card not initializing


Media not inserted properly Check that media card has been fully inserted so spring catch clicks down
Media card not making clean connection Check media card slot for dirt or debris
Continuous fast blinking media LED Corrupt card Reformat card to FAT32
Incompatible media card See here for a guide on media & formats
Media card full Use alternative card or clear data from media
Locked Unit 
Unit unresponsive Possible hardware or firmware fault Hold down power button for 12 seconds to force power off. If no response, contact Racelogic's support team.
Unit will not accept charge
Unit will not run off internal battery Possible hardware fault, or internal battery management issue Remote 'gas gauge' reset available - please raise a support ticket for further assistance.
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