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13 - PB Sport - Technical Specification

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Accuracy 0.2 Km/h (averaged over 4 samples)
Units Km/h or Mph
Maximum update rate 10 Hz
Maximum velocity/ Minimum velocity 1000 Mph/0.1 Km/h
Resolution 0.01 Km/h
Latency >160ms
Accuracy 0.05% (<50cm per Km)
Units Metres / Feet
Maximum update rate 10 Hz
Resolution 1cm
Absolute Positioning
Accuracy 5m     95% CEP**
Height accuracy 10 Metres     95% CEP**
Maximum update rate 10 Hz
Resolution 1 cm
Resolution 0.01°
Accuracy 0.2°
Resolution 0.01 s
Accuracy 0.1 s (0.01s for results scanned in VBOXTools)
Accuracy 1%
Maximum 4 G
Resolution 0.01 G
Maximum update rate 10 Hz
CAN Bus  CAN connection for Racelogic modules only
VCI CAN Input  Allows the user to log incoming CAN data from other systems
CAN Bus Outputs
Bit rate 125, 250, 500kbit/s & 1Mbit/s selectable baud rate
Identifier type Standard 11bit and Extended 29bit 2.0A
Data available Satellites, UTC time, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Heading, Altitude, Vertical velocity, Longitudinal & Lateral acceleration, Distance since reset
Input Voltage range 6-30V DC
Current Typically 70mA
Environmental and physical
Weight Approx 275 grams
Size 105mm x 85 x 30mm
Operating temperature -10˚C to +60˚C
Storage temperature -40˚C to +85˚C

** CEP = Circle of Error Probable     95% CEP (Circle Error Probable) means 95% of the time the position readings will fall within a circle of the stated radius.


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