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What is the rate of data storage by PerformanceBox?

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Performance Box / Drift Box units work with SD and SDHC cards - so a maximum size of 32GB can be logged to. However, we would advise that although these large capacity cards do work with the units, the larger the card, the longer it takes to initialise when inserted into the unit.  For example, a 32GB card may take up to 2 minutes to fully initalise. 


The Performance Box / Drift Box units use around 1.1MB per hour of card memory - so large capacity cards are not needed. 


SDHC hardware support was added in the latest version of firmware (3.0.56) as SD cards are getting harder to come by. Units running firmare which is older than this will not log to SDHC however a 4GB card will be more than adequate, as this would capture over 4,000 hours of data! 


Racelogic recommends using a 2GB SD Card formatted in FAT, or, a 4GB SDHC card formatted in FAT32. 

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