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Micro Input Module

Micro Input Module (VBMICIN01/ VBMICIN01C)


The VBOX Micro Input Module (VBMICIN01/ VBMICIN01C) is a small, highly cost effective module ideal for use in applications that only require a minimum of additional signals to be recorded, with one RPM (digital) input and four analogue inputs.

A 5 V output is available to power sensors that are not already powered by the vehicle loom, and the analogue sensor range is from 0 V to 14 V.

It outputs data in either CAN or RS232 format depending on which device it is being used with.

The Micro Input Module is compatible with every model of VBOX, Video VBOX and Racelogic Performance Meters and so comes in four different versions, each with a cable suitable for use with specific products.

More information on the MICIN can be found on our website. 


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