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RACELOGIC Support Centre

Getting Started


To install Circuit Tools iOS, download the application from the apple app store.

Supported iOS devices

Circuit Tools iOS will run on any Apple device with iOS version 8.4 or later installed. However, the app is to be recommended to be used on the latest OS and latest apple hardware, as this provides superior processing power. Performance may be limited on older variants.

Supported file types

Currently, only data files that contain laps of tracks within the Racelogic track map database are supported. For data logged at other locations, Windows Circuit Tools software must be used.

Product SD Card Dropbox
Data Video Data Video
VBOX Video HD2
Video VBOX Lite/Pro/WP
DriftBox/PerformanceBox N/A N/A
VBOX Sport N/A N/A
VB3i N/A N/A

IMPORTANT - Video is not supported when using Dropbox, only the data file can be viewed!

Loading data

As iOS devices do not have accessibility for media devices such as SD cards or USB sticks, data must be loaded into the application either via a wireless wifi connection, or from online storage.

Press the top left button to open a file.


Select the SD card option to load data from a wireless SD card reader, and the box logo to load data from a Dropbox account.

2 (1).png

It is possible to load up to 2 files, as long as they are from the same track and using the same track configuration, even if the start / finish lines are different. If the start / finish lines are different, the start / finish line from the first file loaded will be used.

Note: Files from different locations cannot be loaded at the same time.

Wireless SD card readers

This is the easiest method of loading data into the Circuit Tools iOS application. Our recommended hardware is the RAVPower FileHub Plus - Model RP-WD03 or the RAVPower FileHub Plus - Model RP-WD007 (other card readers must be readable from third party applications).

SD Reader.jpg
RAVPower FileHubPlus WD007.jpg

Dropbox Files

Log into a Dropbox account to load and view uploaded files.


File Preview

When the location of the file to be loaded has been selected, tap on any particular file to view a preview of it.

Within the preview screen, information on file length, number of laps, best lap time and detected circuit are displayed across the bottom of the screen, allowing the correct file to be chosen more easily.

To play the video in preview mode, tap the video screen once. To skip through the video in 5% increments, swipe to the left or right across the video window.

5 (1).png

Press ‘Open’ in the top right corner to open the file. 

Analysing data

When a data file has been loaded into the application, use the five buttons below to navigate to different views.

6a (1).png

1 – Flip between video and circuit map view.

2 – Open Channel selection area

9 (1).png

3 / 4 – Resize video/track against data display area

10 (1).png

11 (1).png

12 (1).png

5 – Open lap time / sector breakdown


Within this screen, tapping on the video itself causes the file to play or pause.

14 (1).png

If the data graph is showing, then moving though the data manually will cause the video to skip to the selected location.

15 (1).png

Two laps can be selected for comparison side by side within the Video screen.

Note: Some older devices (4 years +) may encounter problems trying to play 2 laps with video side by side, if the device's RAM is lower than 1 GB, the app will display a warning message.


This area shows a map display including colour coded split points, automatically generated based on maximum speed. This allows to user to easily analyse driving lines.

The map view can be moved either by using a single touch and drag to move the circuit, or by pinching in / out over the image to zoom in and out.

16 (1).png

17 (1).png

The colour coded sector display can be turned on and off by pressing the paint button shown below.

To lock the vehicle position in the centre of the track area, regardless of zoom level, press the pin button.

Circuit Tools iOS application includes the Racelogic track map database. To change the circuit layout to any matching the GPS location within the loaded file, press the list button.

This will bring up all the circuit layouts relevant to the loaded data. Swipe left or right to select the layout desired, then confirm selection using the buttons circled below. 

If a different circuit layout is selected, the session data will update with regards to start/finish lines and splits as long as Laps is chosen as the display mode within the Settings area.

Note: Custom start/finish and split point locations are not supported. Split points are generated automatically based on maximum speed, and start/finish points are taken from the installed track map database.

Data Graph

This area displays the channels selected in the channel list. When multiple files are loaded, the fastest lap from each file will automatically be selected for comparison.

To move though a file, drag the graph left or right. To zoom in on an area of interest, pinch in on the data graph – likewise, pinch out to zoom back out.


This area shows a breakdown of all achieved lap times, along with delta-time detail, maximum velocity and split-to-split point times.

The best lap from any loaded session as well as an ‘ideal’ lap created from the best of each sector time across the session will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

By default, the fastest lap will be selected when a file is loaded. A second lap can be chosen to compare against using the tick boxes on the left hand side of the screen, which will load the second lap video and positional map trace into the application.


29 (1).png

Note: A maximum of 2 laps can be selected for comparison.

Closing a file

Within this screen, selecting the file name at the top of the screen will bring up a menu of all currently loaded files. Selecting ‘Remove’ will close the file.

Channel list

A maximum of two channels can be displayed within Circuit Tools iOS application. Selecting a new channel will allow the data to be shown in the data graph.


To access user settings for iOS Circuit Tools, use the button shown below.

32 (1).png

Here, the user can select X-axis settings, show either laps or a whole file, and set the units of measurement.


For further support, please contact our support team by raising a support ticket.