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05 - Circuit Tools - macOS Video

Video Overview

In the Video window, 2 laps can be compared side by side. A video for each selected lap is shown.

The faster lap video has a green border whilst the slower lap video has a red border.


Note that video playback is automatically synced with the graph cursor position.



10.png Playback control buttons on the toolbar allow play, pause, step backwards and step forwards.
11.png Click the ‘Expand’ button to show full screen video.
export_lap_icon.png Click the 'Export lap' button to save the single selected lap.

Playback speed can be changed using the speed drop down. Playback speed can also be changed by using the '-' and '=' keys.

Play / Pause Playback can be started / paused by pressing the spacebar or single-clicking on a video.
Forward / Backward

Magic Mouse / Trackpad: Can be used to move playback forwards or backwards in small increments by using a single finger or two finger swipe respectively.

Keyboard: Left / Right arrow keys for large increments, Alt + Left / Right arrow keys for smaller increments.
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