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02 - Circuit Tools - macOS Screen Overview

Layout Overview



The main analysis screen comprises of 4 different areas: Laps, Map, Video and Graph. It is possible to show, hide and resize each pane as desired.

Screen layout.png


If you hover the mouse over any buttons, a text box showing helpful hints will appear giving more explanation about the function of that button.

Resizing the layout

Edit section
To change the size of the different windows, click and drag the blue borders surrounding the windows.

The following shortcut keys also allow the screen layout to be customised quickly:

Slide left/right Command + left/right arrow
Slide up/down Command + up/down arrow
Show/hide Map Command + M

The ‘Reset Layout’ toolbar button on the top left of the screen can be used to reset to the default screen layout.

Changing Speed and Distance Units

The 'Settings' button on the top right of the screen can be used to change units of Speed, Distance or Height.
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