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RACELOGIC Support Centre

08 - Circuit Tools Track Window

The track window shows the path for each lap and if the circuit is in the Database, then a circuit overlay displaying the outside and inside of the track will be shown. Press F11 to switch to the full screen circuit plot. 
The Start / Finish line is shown using a green marker and the Splits are shown using blue markers. 
The current position of each car is shown as a cross in the same colour as the selected lap. 
To change the positions of the Splits, use the Start / Finish Wizard (CTRL-G).

Zooming and panning in the track window

You can zoom into the track by clicking and dragging a zoom box from left to right. 
To zoom out, click and drag from right to left. 
The track can be panned by holding the right hand mouse button down and dragging right or left.
You can also use the Quick buttons and Menu buttons:

Load Circuit overlay

A circuit overlay file contains the inside and outside edges of the track and is normally used to analyse the driving line. There are a large number of circuit overlays already held in the database which is supplied with the software and this database is regularly updated. The database is automatically updated to the latest version when you download and install a new version of Circuit Tools from our website.
You can also use your own overlay file using the Load Circuit Overlay button in the Ribbon button menu.
You can create your own overlay file by driving round the outside, then the inside of the circuit and then rename this file ‘.cir’ from ‘.vbo’.
Overlays can also be created in Google Earth and then imported into the VBOX Tools (or Performance Tools) software to create a .cir file. See the relevant software manual for details.

Export / Print

The currently displayed track view can be saved as an image file by selecting 'Export' or printed using the 'Print' button.

Export Print.png