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04 - Circuit Tools Session Window

The session window contains all of the laps from a single file, defined using the Start / Finish line, which was either contained in the file, or has been defined using the Start / Finish Wizard.
The Start / Finish Wizard can be opened using the Quick access button, or by using CTRL-G or from the Ribbon button.
You can toggle the visibility of laps (up to a maximum of six) using the Show tick boxes in the column on the left hand side.
Session window.png


The fastest lap of all sessions by default is picked as the reference or ‘Datum lap’, but this can be changed using the tick boxes in the Datum column. All splits, lap-times comparisons and Delta-T are made relative to the Datum lap.
datum (1).png

Split options

There are two display options; Split to Split where a split time starts from the previous split, or Start to Split where each Split is measured from the Start of the lap. Splits faster than the datum lap are coloured Green, Splits slower are coloured Red.
split_options (1).png
To display just the split data split in the graph, click on the split time, to revert to the full lap, click on the lap-time.
Split Options2.png

Exporting Video (e.g. YouTube)

You can export a single lap by using the Export Video from Current Session Function which is in the Session menu tab:

export (1).png

The video file containing the single lap is saved into the same directory as the Session data containing that lap. Video VBOX video files will play natively in YouTube, Windows Media Player and VLC.

Lap colours

If Auto Colour laps is enabled, then the fastest lap will always be displayed in red on the graph. To manually change the colour, switch off this feature and double click the coloured box alongside the Lap Number.
Lap colours.png

Multiple sessions

The tab with the fastest lap overall is marked with a ‘+’. The ‘ideal’ lap is displayed at the bottom and is calculated using the fastest sectors of that session. 
Normally all sector times of the ideal lap are displayed as +/- time difference between the Ideal and Datum lap. If you would like to see the absolute sector times of the Ideal lap, select it temporarily as the Datum. You can close a session by clicking on the red cross in the top right of the tab.

Changing the order of laps

In the Session Tab the laps are listed in lap-time order with the fastest lap at the top. You can change the display order by clicking on the column headers. For example, by clicking on the Lap column they are arranged in lap order.
Change order.png

Rename current session

This is a very useful function, as it allows you to give a more meaningful name to the files you are working with.
You could use this function to rename the data ‘DriverA_Qualifying’. The VBO data file and the AVI video file are both re-named at the same time whilst retaining the link between them. Renaming the files manually is not recommended, as there is a reference to the video file name within the VBO file itself which is needed in order to function correctly.
rename (2).png

Defining Splits

Splits are automatically defined by using the points on the track which correspond to maximum speed.
This is the function ‘Sectors by Max Speed’ in the Start / Finish Wizard (CTRL-G). This creates a new sector at the start of a braking point at the end of a straight.

defining_splits (1).png

This setting not only gives a useable number of splits, but it also ensures that the Ideal lap is realistic, because it takes into account the slowing down and acceleration out of each major corner. 
If you want to increase the number of splits, you can use the ‘Sector by Accel/Decel’ option in the Start / Finish Wizard, or manually define them by using the right mouse button. 
You can also set the splits to be equally spaced around the track using the ‘Equal Sectors’ option.
Startfinish wizard.png