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ABD Path Follow

Table of contents

Hardware configuration

For successful integration with the ABD Path Follow system, the user will need the following equipment in each Vehicle: -

  • 1x VB3iSL-RTK system (with both GPS antennas connected and placed 1 m apart*)
  • 1x IMU04 (connected to the VBOX via the RLCAB119)
  • 1x IMU Roof Mount
  • 1x DGPS Radio and antenna


Selecting the ‘PATH FOLLOW' option within VBOX Manager will automatically configure the VBOX to work with the ABD path following system by applying the following settings:


  • Dynamic Mode - High dynamics
  • Hi Dynamic KF - Disabled
  • Log rate - 100 Hz
  • DGPS Mode - RTCMv3*
  • Dual Antenna - Enabled 
    • -NOT “Roll Mode”
  • Dual Antenna separation - 1.00 m**
  • IMU integration Enabled - “Roof Mode”
  • VCI CAN bus set to RS232 port
  • VCI CAN bus set to 500 kbit 
  • VCI CAN bus set to Termination ‘ON’
  • The following CAN IDs are also be switched on:-
    • 309
    • 314

*Please note that the user must manually select the correct DGPS serial rate that relates to the radio system they are using.

**1.00 m is the default dual antenna separation. If it is not possible to gain a 1 m separation, then the user will have to enter the required separation value in the ‘DUAL ANTENNA’ area of VBOX Manager.


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