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04 - VBOX Manager Firmware updates

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It is recommended to check the website periodically for updates. To upgrade the VBOX Manager firmware, download the following from the VBOX automotive website.


  1. The VBOX Manager latest firmware file (.RUF extension file)
  2. Racelogic Upgrader software


The VBOX Manager should be powered by connecting a RLCAB05C cable between the VBOX CAN connector and the bottom LEMO connector on the VBOX Manager.

Using the RLCAB01 serial cable, connect the top LEMO connector on the VBOX Manager to the serial port of the PC.

Double click on the .RUF upgrade file, which auto runs the Upgrader Software. Ensure the correct COM port is selected in Racelogic Upgrader, then click ‘Upgrade’ to start the procedure.

When this is complete, powering the VBOX Manager off and back on will complete the process.


Note: To confirm which COM port is assigned to the VBOX Manager, check device manager.

Ensure that other software which may try and use the COM port communications, such as VBOX Tools, is closed.


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