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RACELOGIC Support Centre

08 - MFD Firmware Upgrade


MFD firmware can be downloaded from the Customer Area of the VBOX Automotive website.

  • Supply power to the MFD – e.g. via the CAN port on a VBOX.
  • Before firmware can be updated the ‘REPROG STATUS’ of the display must be enabled through the ‘CONFIG DISPLAY’ menu.
  • Connect a RLCAB001 RS232 cable from a PC serial port to either of the serial ports on the MFD.
  • When the display is connected and setup, double click on the firmware file to start the upgrade.
  • Racelogic Upgrader software should be launched, simply select the correct COM port the MFD is connected to (this can be checked in device manager) and click upgrade to begin.
  • When the upgrade is complete, make sure to power cycle the MFD
  • To complete the process, ensure that the ‘REPROG STATUS’ setting is disabled through the ‘CONFIG DISPLAY’ menu. 
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