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Average Decel 1 and 2

Average Decel 1.

This is a speed to speed test. During set up, the start and end speed must be set (e.g. start speed: 100 km/h End speed 0 km/h).

To gain results from this test the start speed must be reached and the driver must ensure they hit the end speed (if 0 vehicle must come to a complete stop).

The results are displayed in meters per second squared, if the parameters are not met, the test will not log and will show a value of 0.00.

This test can be performed with or without a brake trigger.

Average Decel 2

This is a brake trigger to 0 test. To gain results the customer must be using a brake trigger and must decelerate to a complete stop.

If a brake trigger is not present, no result will be displayed, similarly if the vehicle does not come to a complete stop, the test will not log and will display no result value.

The results for Average Decel 2 are shown in g.

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