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09 - Telemetry Radios - Technical Specification

Current Product Range

Please refer to the individual datasheets on the VBOX Automotive website for our current telemetry radio range. 

Legacy Products

TM4 Radios
TM4 Radios
Input voltage 6 to 30VDC
Input current - Receiving <50mA
Input current - Transmitting <200mA
Radio transmission power 500mW
Carrier Frequency 868MHz (Euro) 915MHz (USA)
Radio data rate 38,400bit/s
RS232 data rate 115,200bit/s

The range of reliable transmission with a telemetry system depends on the antenna position and environment:

Environment Range
Difficult environment (blocked by buildings or trees) 300 metres (1,000 feet)
Open environment with antennas at low level (clear view with antennas on car roofs) 700 metres (2,300 feet)
Open environment with antennas at height (clear view with antennas mounted on masts of building rooftops) up to 3,500 metres (11,000 feet)

As an example of performance, Base Station telemetry communication range has been measured at distances of around 10,000m when the antennas were on hilltops with line of sight.

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