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05 - Moving Base Telemetry

RLRTM24MBC/S radios are used to transmit and receive corrections from VBOX 3i RTK units within a Moving Base setup.

A Moving Base radio is programmed as server when transmitting (Vehicle equipped with the Moving Base VBOX) or client when receiving RTK correction messages. There is no limit to the number of receivers (RLRTM24MBC) that can get corrections from a transmitter (RLRTM24MBS).



Moving Base Telemetry Radio Options


  • RLRTM24MBC/ RLRTM24MBS – VBOX client/server radio for Moving Base (EU Spec)
  • RLRTM24MBCJP/ RLRTM24MBSJP – VBOX client/server radio for Moving Base (Japan Spec)
  • RLRTM24MBCU/ RLRTM24MBSU – VBOX client/server radio for Moving Base (Rest of World Spec)


Please see radio overview for details specs.

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