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07 – CAN02 Technical Specification

Table of contents
Input Channels 16 x CAN data channels from vehicle or other CAN bus.
Input data type

From 1 bit to 32 bit. Intel/Motorola format.

Signed/Unsigned. Selectable start bit.
Output Channels 16 x CAN data to VBOX
Output data type F4 floating point data. Scaling and offset adjustable
Supply Voltage +9 to +18 VDC
CAN CAN 2.0A or CAN 2.0B compatible
Baud Rate Inbound 100kbit/s – 1000kbit/s
Baud Rate Outbound 500kbit/s only
Can Termination resistor on vehicle bus side 1k Ohm
Configuration Via Racelogic Config software

Module Dimensions


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