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01 - TC8 Introduction

The RLVBTC8 8 Channel thermocouple interface module is designed for use with VBOX data logging systems. The module is configured via CAN through Racelogic Config software.


Key features

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  • 8 * K-type thermocouple inputs
  • Supports standard & extended CAN frames
  • CAN data rate up to 1Mbit

LED Behavior

LED Function
CN (CAN) Flashes Blue as the TC8 receives CAN data.
SC (Serial) Flashes Green as the TC8 receives RS232 data.
PR (Power) Solid Red as long as the TC8 is powered up.



Standard Inventory

Description Product Code
Thermocouple interface VBTC8
5W lemo plug – 5W lemo plug RLCAB006
Sub D terminal block with integrated Cold Junction Compensation. DE-PAD-OPT1

Optional Accessories

Description Product Code
2m Thermocouple extension with high accuracy dynamic CJC. RLVBACS002
Serial connection cable for firmware upgrades. RLCAB001
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