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01 - IMU/ YAW Features

IMU03 / YAW03 Features

  • Robust MEMS technology
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • Twin socket CAN Bus interface
  • RS-232 serial interface for firmware upgrade and setup
  • 24 bit internal resolution
  • Can be used with VBOX or with any other CAN based logging system
  • IP65 rating

IMU04 Features

  • YAW rate range ±450 °/s
  • Acceleration range ±5 g in each axis
  • YAW rate resolution 0.014 °/s
  • Acceleration resolution 0.15 mg
  • 0.1° (RMS) pitch/roll and 0.5° (RMS) yaw angle accuracy when used in conjunction with a VBOX3i
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • CAN Bus interface
  • Integration with GNSS for consistent and accurate data in weak/degraded satellite signal conditions.
  • RS-232 serial interface for firmware upgrade and setup
  • 24bit internal resolution
  • Splash proof: IP65 rating / IP67 rating providing unused connectors are fitted with Lemo bungs (RLACS080)
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