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01 – FIM03 Introduction

Table of contents

FIM03 is a 4-channel frequency capture and pulse counter unit. It enables frequency based signals in the range of 1Hz to 20 kHz to be captured and recorded. This allows FIM03 to be used for a variety of applications including:


  • ABS brake stops
  • Tyre traction testing                      
  • Aquaplane testing
  • Fuel flow/consumption measurement
  • General vehicle evaluation
  • Engine monitoring (RPM)


VBOX Setup software allows FIM03 to be configured for use with Racelogic VBOX or stand-alone mode for use with third party data loggers. 


Key Features

  • Frequency input range 1Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Pulse counting mode.
  • Input channels can accept direct connection to inductive sensors.
  • Internal scale and offset to provide signal input units from sensors.
  • Modes for automatic calculation of RPM or wheel speed.
  • BNC connection for signal input.
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