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01 - DAC01 Introduction

The CAN to analogue output module is designed to convert CAN bus data into a voltage, frequency or level output. In this way it is possible to log data from a CAN bus with data logging equipment not incorporating a CAN interface.

Four analogue voltage outputs are available and these can be mapped using the configuration software to output virtually any CAN bus parameter. An example might be throttle position data read from CAN and converted into a 0 to 10v signal.

The module is also equipped with seven digital outputs, of which four can be set as frequency generators. 





LED Behavior

LED Function
CN (CAN)  Flashes Blue as the DAC01 receives CAN data.
SC (Serial) Flashes Green as the DAC01 receives RS232 data.
PR (Power) Solid Red as long as the DAC01 is powered up.



Standard Inventory

Description Product Code
VBOX CAN to analogue output module VBDAC01
VBOX serial PC cable RLCAB001
5 way Lemo to 6 wire un-terminated RLCAB015-L
25 Way D connector for VB products ADC25IPCON
CD containing Racelogic Config CDVBCONFIG
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