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05 - ADC Connection as Stand Alone Module

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Using VBOX Setup software, it is possible to setup ADC03 as a stand-alone module for use with third party data loggers.

Connect port 3 on the ADC03 to a PC using a RLCAB001 cable.

Power up the ADC03 using a suitable 12v power source – this can be done via connection to a powered VBOX.

Run VBOX Setup software and select the correct COM port to connect to the ADC03 (check PC device manager if unsure).


Click on the settings button to display the page below. Select ‘User polled’ mode:


In this mode there are a number of parameters and settings than must be set for the specific application.  



Channel Setup


Selecting the channel setup button allows adjustment of individual channel settings. ADC03 native output is in volts, so no scale is needed to read the output in volts. However, the scale and offset can be changed to rescale the output value to another unit. 



Using scale and offset values it is possible to calibrate an SI output for most linear output sensors. As ADC03 is a voltage input module, a scale of 1 and offset of 0 will always return a value in volts.

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