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01 - ADC Introduction

Table of contents

ADC03 is an 8-channel 16bit analogue voltage interface for use with Racelogic VBOX, Video VBOX and third party data loggers.


Each channel is electrically isolated and provides bipolar voltage measurement with a DC accuracy of ±1mV



VBOX Setup software supplied with ADC03 allows scale and offset of the voltage reading for conversion into real data. 






Fit an in line 100mA fuse when using +vbatt pin on 25 way connector to power sensors. Failure to do this could result in damage to the ADC03 and VBOX


Key features

  • Voltage input ±50V
  • 16 Bit Resolution
  • ±1mV DC accuracy
  • Synchronous sampling of all channels
  • Bi-polar voltage input
  • Internal scale + offset for conversion to real data
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