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11 - VBOX Test Suite Map

The map area is an area that shows a positional trace from the saved data contained within a file. 




Note: The map area will only be populated from post process data and will not display a live plot of the data. If a live plot is required, the user must add a 'Position' gauge to the dashboard.

Map Tab

The map tab is where the user can access all the functionality of the map. This tab will be displayed when the user clicks anywhere on the map area and will automatically be selected.


Zoom in

The 'Zoom in' button zooms in on the map, centred around the cursor position.

Zoom out

The 'Zoom out' button zooms out on the map, centred around the cursor position.

Reset Zoom

The 'Reset Zoom' button returns the map to full view.


The 'Scale' button will add a scale to the map. Selecting this button again will remove the scale  from the map window.

Show Aerial Image

The 'Show Aerial Image' button will overlay an aerial image from Bing Maps onto the map area.



Note: To use this feature, there will have to be an active connection to the internet

Zoom X-Y

The 'Zoom X-Y' button defines how the left click and drag action is performed. When selected, Left clicking and dragging the cursor to the right will perform a ‘box zoom’ of that area. To return to the full view, simply click and drag the cursor to the left.


The 'Pan' button defines how the left click and drag action is performed. When selected, Left clicking and dragging the cursor will pan the map accordingly.

Export to KML

The 'Export to KML' allows the user to export the positional trace to the .kml format that can be understood by programmes such as Google Earth.


Pressing this 'Help' button will automatically open an internet browsing window and load the relevant section of the Racelogic Support Centre. This page will only be displayed if there is a valid internet connection.

Map Functionality

Navigating around the map

The user is presented with 3 ways to zoom the graph in and out, the first being the button in the Chart tab.



By pressing the ‘Zoom in’ or ‘Zoom out’ button, the graph will zoom in/out by 5%. The user can reset the graph to the default zoom level by pressing the ‘Reset Zoom’ button.

These buttons will also briefly appear next to the map crosshairs any time the user clicks/touches anywhere on the map trace. The user can then use these buttons as above.

The final way to zoom is by using the mouse. The user can either double click anywhere in the map window to slowly increment the zoom level, use the scroll wheel to zoom either in or out or (providing the ‘Zoom X-Y’ button has been selected) left click and drag to perform a ‘box zoom’.


When zoomed in, it is possible to right click anywhere within the map window and move the window around.

The same action can be performed with the left click, providing that the ‘Pan’ button has been selected on the ribbon.

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