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03 - VBOX File Processor - Maths Channel

Maths Channels can be used to create a new channel to be displayed using a combination of the existing parameters. An example may be hill gradient which can be calculated from the horizontal speed and the vertical speed.

To add a new Maths Channel to a loaded file, double click or click and drag the 'Maths Channel' block into the main view window.

Maths Channel1.png

Creating a new Maths Channel 

To create a new Maths Channel, enter the maths expression using the drop down lists for available channels and functions.

Below is an example for ‘Lean Angle’.

Maths Channel example.png

Make sure that the units are correct, and a name has been entered for the channel. Selecting 'Overwrite channel' will overwrite an existing channel formula.


To save the file with a newly created Maths Channel, choose a new file name and click 'Process Output File' in the bottom left of the window.

Maths Channel save1.png

Once a file has been processed with a Maths Channel, the channel will appear in the ‘Additional Channels’ list if loaded back in to the software.



The standard channels are the GPS channels which are captured by default, and can always be accessed. The additional channels are any configured CAN channels, or any existing processed Maths Channels.

Maths Channel3.png


Hovering over the arrow > next to a channel name will open extra functions that can be applied.

Maths Channel hover.png



Supported functions are shown in the image below. Constants of G and PI are also supported.

10 (1).png

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