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VBOX File Processor

VBOX File Processor

VBOX File Processor is a software utility which has been designed to manipulate VBOX data files after they have been recorded. 

It allows the user to rename existing channels within the VBOX file, to apply filters and to generate new channels via Maths and ADAS feature plugins - all within an intuitive and easily understood framework.


The software can then output a standard VBOX Tools compatible VBO file, Excel CSV, or Google Earth format.


One of the most powerful aspects to the new programme is the ability to batch process a number of files at once - greatly reducing post-processing workloads.




More information on VBOX File Processor is available on our website. 

To download the latest version of VBOX File Processor, go to our software download website.  

If you still need help, please contact our support team
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