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06 - Brake Test SW Test setup

Configuration of the setup criteria can be done using the Test Set-Up option, found under the settings toolbar. 



Adjust Units 

The units for speed, distance and acceleration can all be changed.  These changes are reflected in all other windows in the software.



Hardware Trigger

Configure a minimum speed for the hardware trigger to prevent unwanted trigger activation from being used in the results generation.  Also configure whether the reported trigger speed is from the first measured sample after trigger activation, or a speed value interpolated between the reported and previous sample. 



End Speed

Determine the speed that the brake test finishes and results are reported from.



Corrected Distance

Determine the ‘corrected distance start speed’, either by a specific value or an auto corrected value to the nearest 10km/h (or mph).  




Some input channels can be inherently noisy so require a certain level of smoothing to create representative results.  Use option to apply desired levels of smoothing to speed, acceleration and all CAN channels in this option.



Software Trigger

Configure a starting speed for the software to create separate braking distances from. 

This should be utilised when a hardware trigger is not available. 




Adjust the speed values used in the MFDD calculations. Also chose between actual speeds or percentage of trigger/start speed.



Centreline Deviation

Adjust settings for centre line deviation computation.

Full period duration - Time before trigger activation, this is what is used to calculate the centre line reference heading.

Full Period std. dev. max – The maximum allowed heading deviation during test.

Average Heading Tolerance – The allowable tolerance of heading change during centre line deviation.

Std. dev. Warning threshold – Heading deviation threshold before results displayed with red warning text.



Note: Centreline Deviation results in Red:



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