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07 - Upgrading Speed Sensor firmware

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Firmware refers to the operating software inside the VBSS Speed Sensor. The firmware is responsible for all of the functions within the VBSS and from time to time, firmware updates will be released by Racelogic to improve or enhance the way that the VBSS works.

The latest firmware will always be available in the firmware section of the VBOX website.


It is recommended to check the web site periodically for updates. The VBSS upgrade files have a “.ruf” file extension.


To upgrade the VBSS firmware... 


Download the latest firmware file from the Racelogic web site and copy this file onto your PC. 


If you have done a full VBSS CD installation then you will have the upgrade programme automatically installed in the Utilities folder of VBSS folder.  If not, then this can be downloaded from the software section of the VBOX website


Connect your  VBSS to your PC via a RS232 connection lead and apply power to the VBSS.


Either ‘double click’ on the ‘.ruf’ upgrade file, which auto runs the Upgrader software, or run the Upgrader software and load in the ‘.ruf’ firmware upgrade file. Then follow the onscreen instructions and the VBSS firmware will be upgraded.


At the end of the process, power down the VBSS when prompted.


During the upgrade process an upgrade log file will have been created. This log file can be emailed to the support address below should any problems arise.

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