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RACELOGIC Support Centre

05 - VBOX Touch Settings

The VBOX Touch Settings menu is available by selecting the Settings Button Settings.png on the bottom left of the screen when within a mode.

There are 3 Settings menus available and they can be accessed by selecting the Forward Forward Arrow.png and Back Backwards arrow.png arrows on the bottom right of the screen or by swiping the screen left or right. Settings can be changed by pressing on the corresponding button next to an option.

To return to the main screen, select the Exit Button Exit Screen.png on the bottom left.

Mode Settings

The options presented first within the Settings screen are dependent on the mode selected, information on these can be found within each specific mode area.


General Settings

This menu contains units, logging mode and brightness options.

VBOX Touch General Settings.png

  • Speed: Allows you to change the speed units between km/h and mph. Changing the speed units will affect all visual speed parameters on all screens, unit labels will change and all speed values will be automatically recalculated. Tap the button to change the units.
  • Distance: Allows you to change the distance units between meters and feet. Changing the distance units will affect all visual distance parameters on all screens, unit labels will change and all distance values and results will be automatically be recalculated accordingly. Tap the button to change the units.
  • Logging: Allows you to toggle between 2 logging modes, tap the button to change the mode:
    • Continuous: The VBOX Touch will start logging as soon as an SD card is inserted and initialised.
    • Moving (default): The VBOX Touch will start logging as soon as an SD card is inserted and a speed over 0.5 km/h is detected. Logging will pause when speed is less than 0.5 km/h for 3 seconds, and will then recommence recording once speed is greater than 0.5 km/h, appending the same file.

      • Manually pressing the SD Card Icon will manually start and stop recording, irregardless of which logging mode is set.
      • A new data file is created every time the VBOX Touch starts/stops logging, data is not appended to an existing data file.
  • Screen Brightness: You can manually adjust the screen brightness between 5 levels, with 1 being the dimmest and 5 being the brightest setting. An 'Auto' setting is also available which uses the internal ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness. In dark conditions, the screen brightness will dim, and in light conditions the screen will brighten. Tap the button to cycle through the available options.
  • LED Brightness: You can manually adjust the LED brightness between 5 levels, with 1 being the dimmest and 5 being the brightest setting (this is extremely bright!) or turn off the LEDs. Tap the button to cycle through the available options, the LEDs will preview the brightness level.
  • System Time/ Date: This displays the current time and date being used by the system.
  • Sync to GPS: This feature will synchronise the internal real time clock (RTC) to GPS time as long as the unit has obtained GPS time (no GPS time is indicated by a red satellite icon), isn't moving and isn't logging. When pressed, a synchronisation progress screen is presented.


The Diagnostics menu is the final screen within the Settings menu, it displays basic GPS receiver and VBOX information.

VBOX Touch Diagnostics Settings.png

The satellite icon at the top of the screen is the quickest way to determine if the unit has a valid satellite lock. When lock is acquired, it will display as solid green VBOX Touch Sats Lock.png.  When there is no satellite lock, the icon will flash red VBOX Touch No Sats.png.

GPS Information

  • Cold Start: Press this button to perform a cold start on the VBOX Touch. This means the receiver will clear any data currently stored within its internal memory. It may be required to do this when the GPS engine has locked up or the VBOX Touch is struggling to acquire satellite lock.

    When the button has been pressed, the unit make an audible sound and a ‘PLEASE WAIT’ message will be displayed on the screen which will count down from 3. The number of satellites will then be displayed as '00' and GPS status will show ‘SEARCHING FOR SATELLITES’ until satellite lock has been acquired. It will take approximately 25 – 30 seconds for the unit to reacquire satellite lock.
  • Satellites: Displays how many satellites the receiver is currently using.
  • GPS Status: This indicates the current GPS lock status of the unit. When the unit is searching for a valid satellite lock, ‘SEARCHING FOR SATELLITES’ is displayed. When the GPS receiver has acquired satellite lock, ‘OK’ will be displayed.

VBOX Information

This section displays the device serial number, firmware version number and hardware version number. This information is useful in the event of troubleshooting a potential issue with the VBOX Touch device.