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01 - VBOX Touch Introduction

The VBOX Touch features a 10 Hz GPS receiver, responsive colour touchscreen and the ability to run multiple applications on the same hardware. Built on a platform that allows functionality to be expanded through future software and firmware upgrades, the VBOX Touch is an extremely versatile data logger.

VBOX Touch Overview big.png

Applications are written in Python script enabling you to create your own, including custom CAN Based applications to solve specific testing needs. New applications can be loaded by inserting an SD card containing the new script and it is just as quick to revert to the standard functionality of the VBOX Touch by inserting the SD card containing the original data.

Other features include the ability to connect to capture screenshots and see live test results.


  • 4.3" TFT daylight readable capacitive touch screen
  • 4 x high brightness LED Indicators
  • Built-in applications such as performance testing, lap timing and speedometer
  • Python-based applications, ideal for solving user-specific testing needs
  • Removable protective rubber cover included
  • 10 Hz GPS receiver with internal patch antenna
  • SMA connector for external GPS antenna (overrides the internal antenna when connected)


More detailed connector information can be found on the PIN OUTS page.

Left Side

VBOX Touch Side SD View.png

Right Side

VBOX Touch Side Lemo View.png

Standard Inventory

Product Code Quantity Description
VBTOUCH-V1 1 VBOX Touch 10 Hz Unit Including Rubber Cover
RLCAB010LE / RLCAB014LE 1 Cigar Plug Power Supply (RLVBTOUCH, 2 m) or Unterminated Power Supply (RLVBTOUCH-M, 2 m)
RLACS259 1 8 GB SDHC Card (Class 10)
RLACS262 1 GNSS Antenna (3 m)
RLACS277 1 Swivel Neck Richter Suction Mount
RLACS281 1 Plastic Carry Case for VBOX Touch (not supplied with RLVBTOUCH-M)


 VBOX Touch Boxed.png

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