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VBOX Touch Firmware Features - V1.3.0.63 (latest)

The latest version of the VBOX Touch firmware includes some significant changes and brings additional functionality to the unit.

  • Download the latest VBOX Touch firmware.
  • Instructions on how to upgrade the firmware can be found here.

Many of the changes have been made as a direct result of customer feedback requesting new features. Some changes have been made to fix bugs and other issues found during testing.

Racelogic strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest firmware release to take advantage of the new features and benefit from the improved stability.

Enhancements/ New Features

New Brake Trigger Test Functionality

VBOX Touch can now conduct a Decel Test using a VBOX Brake Pedal Trigger. More information on this is available here.

Note: The external antenna should be used when conducting a brake trigger test.

VBOX Touch Brake Trigger.png VBOX Touch Trigger Test.png

New Support for Logging Control Via External Switch

VBOX Touch logging can now be controlled using an RLVBACS010 hand-held latching trigger switch. More information on this is available here.

Other Improvements 

  • It is now possible to save test results to the SD card in .csv format (.txt format also available), more information on this available here.
  • 0-Speed-0 Accel Test result now remains on screen when stationary.
  • When a 0-Speed-0 Accel Test is selected, the Alert at End option will now change to Alert at Target, this will mean that the alert will sound at the target speed, rather than at the end of the test. More information on this is available here.
  • Result history list improvements.
  • Other minor user interface tweaks.
  • Reworded message shown when no tracks are found in the database.
  • Speed smoothing value now 0.25 by default.
  • End of test alert now enabled by default.
  • Increased maximum satellites used to 12.
  • Other minor user interface tweaks.


  • Fixed speed dropout at high speed issue (~225 mph and above).
  • Fixed issue where screenshots could cause unexpected behaviour.
  • Addressed issue where the unit could randomly become unresponsive.
  • Fixed issue of inaccurate position in files before sat lock is obtained.
  • Fixed issue where a back arrow could incorrectly show as available.
  • Fixed issue where a crash could occur during setting of manual gates.
  • Fixed issue where manually loaded reference lap was not retained through power cycle.
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