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VBOX Touch - How to Set a Start/Finish Line

A start/finish line is required within the Lap Timing Mode to calculate lap times. By default, the start/finish line used is detected from the Currently Selected Track based on the GPS location.

Manually Set a Start/Finish Line

It is possible to manually set a start/finish line when moving, overwriting the line detected within the circuit layout.

To manually set a start/finish line, tap the screen within the Basic Lap Timing Screen or select Set Start Gate within the Settings.

A screen will be displayed, allowing you to cancel the start/finish line gate set within 5 seconds by repressing the screen. After 5 seconds, you are required to drive forward in a straight direction to complete the process. The gate is set at 90° to the detected heading and the width is dependent in what is selected within the Gate Width Settings.

VBOX Touch Lap Timing New Line.png

The detected location when the screen is initially pressed/start gate set is used as the centre point of start/finish gate.


  • The vehicle must be moving >0.8 km/h and the unit have satellite lock to set a Start/Finish Line.
  • If start/finish line setting is cancelled, any live lap prediction for the current lap will be lost and unavailable for use.

Load Start/Finish Line Gates

You can load a previously saved or provided Start/Finish line gate by pressing the Load button. If an SD card is detected, the unit will display all .spl files located within the SF LINES folder on the SD card. Select a file and then press the Confirm Button Confirm Button.png on the bottom right of the screen, or press the Cancel Button Cancel Button.png on the bottom left of the screen to return the Settings screen without saving.

If confirmed, a load success screen will briefly display to show that it is was loaded successfully.

If there are splits stored within the file, these will also be uploaded to the unit, up to a maximum of 10 gates/splits.

Note: When a new Start/Finish line gate is loaded, all existing lap timing values will be cleared and the new lap timing gates will be used.

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