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VBOX Touch - How to Set a Start/Finish Line

A start/finish line is required within the Lap Timing Mode to calculate lap times. By default, the start/finish line used is detected from the Currently Selected Track based on the GPS location.

Manually Set a Start/Finish Line

It is possible to manually set a start/finish line when moving, overwriting the line detected within the circuit layout.

To manually set a start/finish line, tap the screen within the Basic Lap Timing Screen or select Set Start Gate within the Settings.

A screen will be displayed, allowing you to cancel the start/finish line gate set within 5 seconds by repressing the screen. After 5 seconds, you are required to drive forward in a straight direction to complete the process. The gate is set at 90° to the detected heading and the width is dependent in what is selected within the Gate Width Settings.

The detected location when the screen is initially pressed/start gate set is used as the centre point of start/finish gate. 

If you are defining a separate Finish Line, this gate will act as the Start Line only

VBOX Touch Lap Timing New Line.png
New start/finish line cancellation screen


  • The vehicle must be moving >0.8 km/h and the unit have satellite lock to set a Start/Finish Line.
  • If start/finish line setting is cancelled, any live lap prediction for the current lap will be lost and unavailable for use.

Load Start/Finish Line Gates

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