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16 - VBOX Mini Technical Specification

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Velocity Distance
Accuracy 0.1 Km/h Accuracy 0.05% (<50 cm per Km)
Units Km/h or Mph Units Metres / Feet
Update rate 10 Hz Update rate 10 Hz
Maximum velocity 1000 Mph Resolution 1 cm
Minimum velocity 0.1 Km/h Height accuracy 10 metres     95% CEP**
Resolution 0.01 Km/h    
Absolute Positioning Time
Accuracy 3m 95% CEP** Accuracy 0.1s
Update rate 10 Hz Resolution 0.1s
Resolution 1 cm    
Heading Power
Accuracy 0.1° Input voltage range 6 – 28 V DC
Resolution 0.01° Current Typically 100 mA
Acceleration Environmental and Physical
Accuracy 1% Weight 225 grams
Maximum 4 G Size 113 mm x 63 mm x 93 mm
Update rate 10 Hz Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Resolution 0.01 G Storage temperature -30°C to +80°C
Memory Definitions


SD Card

** CEP = Circle of Error Probable

95% CEP (Circle Error Probable) means that 95% of

the time the position readings will fall within a circle of

the stated diameter
Recording time

Dependent on card capacity* 

* Approximately 1.1Mb per hour used

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