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19 - VBOX II Standard inventory

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Some items on the inventory differ between different VBOXII unit types.

Items highlighted in BLUE are only delivered with SL type units, and items highlighted in YELLOW are only delivered with SX type units. 


Description Qty Racelogic Part #
VBOX II unit 1






Mains Charger 1 RLVBACS020
Cigar Lighter Power Cable 1 RLCAB010L
USB Lead 1 RLCAB042
4GB SD Card 1 RLACS137
GPS Ground Plane Antenna 2  (3 when supplied with RLVB20SL3) RLACS103
GPS Magnetic Antenna  2 RLACS018
VBOX PC Serial Cable 1 RLCAB001
CD ROM containing VBOX software 1 RLVBACS030
VBOX Carry Case 1 RLVBACS013 
VBOX Carry Case 1 RLACS106
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